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Specialty Compounds RTP Company

Unit of Measure Converter

Unit Converter
Equivalent Values
UOM Value
cable lengths 0.000575
chains (Gunter's) 0.00621
cubits 0.273
fathoms 0.0684
ft 0.410
furlongs 0.000625
hands 1.23
in 4.92
km 0.000125
leagues 0.0000250
leagues (nautical) 0.0000250
links (Gunter's) 0.621
links (Ramden's) 0.410
m 0.125
microns 125000
mil 4920
miles (nautical, Int.) 0.0000675
miles (statute) 0.0000777
mm 125
nm 1.25e+8
picas 29.6
points 356
rods 0.0249
spans 0.547
varas 0.148
yards 0.137

MatWeb has also provided a reference table for converting between English and Metric units.

To Convert From: To: Multiply By:
lbf/in2 (psi) pascal (Pa) 6894.757
pascal (Pa) lbf/in2 (psi) 1.4504E-4
g/cm3 lb/ft3 62.427974
lb/ft3 kg/m3 16.01846
lb/in3 kg/m3 27,679.90
lb/ft3 g/cm3 0.01601846
volts/mil kV/mm 0.039370
mil (0.001 inch) cm 2.54E-3
cm mil 393.70
MPa(m1/2) psi(in1/2) 910.06
J/(g-°C) BTU/(lb-°F) 0.239006
BTU/(lb-°F) J/(g-°C) 4.184000
joule (J) cal (thermochemical) 0.2390057
cal (thermochemical) joule (J) 4.184000
joule (J) BTU (thermochemical) 9.4845E-4
BTU (thermochemical) joule 1054.350
µm/(m-°C) µin/(in-°F) 0.55556
µin/(in-°F) µm/(m-°C) 1.80
cm3/Kg in3/lb 0.027680
in3/lb cm3/kg 36.127
W/(m K) BTU in /(hr ft2  F) 6.9334713
BTU in /(hr ft2  F) W/(m K) 0.1441314
(J m)/(min m2  C) W/(m-K) 0.016667
W/(m-K) (J m)/(min m2  C) 60
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