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Help on MatWeb Searches

To take full advantage of MatWeb's powerful search capabilities, you can use the following techniques.  You may click on the items below for additional information and an example of that search technique.  Our Search Strategies can help you additional hints to help you to use MatWeb in the most efficient manner.

1. Advanced Search - The Advanced Search combines all other searches on MatWeb to provide the single most powerful search MatWeb has to offer. By allowing the addition and removal of various search criteria (key words and phrases, material categories, material properties, and material compositions) to a search, it is much easier to locate materials that meet the desired specifications.

2. Text Search - The Text Search is designed to be fast and easy to use.  Just type a common name, product name, manufacturer, or material specification/designation (ASTM, ISO, UNS, etc.) and click the "Search" button.  Only a fragment is necessary.  The Text Search will return materials that include the term or terms you enter (i.e. "Aluminum 6061", or "ASTM A229").

3. Property Search - Select up to two material search categories and three material properties (remember to set the ranges) and MatWeb will identify materials that meet your search criteria.  You can also decide whether a material must meet only one or all of the property ranges by selecting the appropriate radio button.  For example, you would use this search to find all fluoropolymers that have a density between 1.5 and 2.0 g/cc, AND a CTE between 80 and 100 µm/m-°C, AND a Melting Point below 250°C.

4. Metal Composition Search - Select up to three elements with composition ranges and a metal search category and MatWeb will return materials that match your criteria.  You can decide if you want to meet any or all of the elements' ranges and have the option to restrict the search to certain metals categories.  This search can be a helpful for finding equivalent alloys.

5. Material Type/Category Search - Select the type of material in which you are interested from a systematic list of drop-down boxes.

6. Polymer Manufacturer Search - Select a plastics manufacturer and find data sheets of their proprietary products listed in MatWeb.

7. Polymer Trade Name Search - Select a plastics trade name and find data sheets listed in MatWeb.

8. Metal UNS Number - Select from the list of UNS numbers in MatWeb's database and find the matching data sheets.

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