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Data sheets for over 180,000 metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.
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Add or Update Your Company's Material Data in MatWeb - It's Free

Hundreds of companies have partnered with MatWeb to allow our users to have a comprehensive data resource. We don't charge manufacturers/suppliers/compounders to add their technical data because of the mutually beneficial nature of the relationship: we want MatWeb to be current and comprehensive as possible and partner companies benefit by getting added exposure for their products. Many companies find that their data sheets are seen more often via MatWeb than via their own web sites, illustrating the importance of ongoing data collaboration.

What format does MatWeb require?

We do not have 'requirements' but we do have preferences: Manufacturer partners that submit data via electronic spreadsheet or database (Excel, Access, etc.) retain greater control over the information AND make our job easier.  If you don't already have data in such a format, ask us for a template to serve as a guide for the materials properties and data format that MatWeb uses.  If you don’t have your material data in electronic format, paper or manufacturer web sites are fine too, especially for small product lines.

How do I get a template?

Just call us at (540) 552-5300 or email us at We'll also be happy to answer any questions you have.

What if I note missing, outdated, or inaccurate data in MatWeb?

Please call us at (540) 552-5300 or email us at ASAP. We check periodically with our contacts and quickly update information when notified by our partner producers. Even if you are not affiliated with the manufacturer of questionable or missing data, let us know too and we'll track down the problem. About 90% of our data comes from companies within the supply chain but we also work with professional societies, handbooks, and literature to fill in gaps. We track over 1000 properties and endeavor to replicate complete data sheet information in our systematic format.

Note that a decreasing minority of companies decline to participate. We often hear of their preference to rely on a traditional sales force to disseminate data sheets, or simply no mechanism exists in the company to authorize publiation to outside sources such as MatWeb. We can legally add this data to MatWeb anyway, but we want to be a good partner and abide by these concerns. If a notable raw materials producer is absent, this is the likely reason but we'd like to hear your suggestions anyway.

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Please read our License Agreement regarding materials data and our Privacy Policy. Questions or comments about MatWeb? Please contact us at We appreciate your input.

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