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Unit of Measure Converter

Unit Converter
Equivalent Values
UOM Value
atm 316
bar 320
dynes/cm² 3.20e+8
g(force)/cm² 326000
g/cm² 326000
GPa 0.0320
kg(f)/cm² 326
kg(force)/m² 3.26e+6
kg/m² 3.26e+6
ksi 4.64
lb/ft² 668000
mm of Hg (0°C) 240000
N/mm² 32.0
Pa 3.20e+7
psi 4640
torr 240000

MatWeb has also provided a reference table for converting between English and Metric units.

To Convert From: To: Multiply By:
lbf/in2 (psi) pascal (Pa) 6894.757
pascal (Pa) lbf/in2 (psi) 1.4504E-4
g/cm3 lb/ft3 62.427974
lb/ft3 kg/m3 16.01846
lb/in3 kg/m3 27,679.90
lb/ft3 g/cm3 0.01601846
volts/mil kV/mm 0.039370
mil (0.001 inch) cm 2.54E-3
cm mil 393.70
MPa(m1/2) psi(in1/2) 910.06
J/(g-°C) BTU/(lb-°F) 0.239006
BTU/(lb-°F) J/(g-°C) 4.184000
joule (J) cal (thermochemical) 0.2390057
cal (thermochemical) joule (J) 4.184000
joule (J) BTU (thermochemical) 9.4845E-4
BTU (thermochemical) joule 1054.350
µm/(m-°C) µin/(in-°F) 0.55556
µin/(in-°F) µm/(m-°C) 1.80
cm3/Kg in3/lb 0.027680
in3/lb cm3/kg 36.127
W/(m K) BTU in /(hr ft2  F) 6.9334713
BTU in /(hr ft2  F) W/(m K) 0.1441314
(J m)/(min m2  C) W/(m-K) 0.016667
W/(m-K) (J m)/(min m2  C) 60
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