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CIMBAR RiverCal™ 8103 & 8103C Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)
Categories: Other Engineering Material; Additive/Filler for Polymer

Material Notes: RiverCal™ 8100 Series Calcium Carbonate are high purity, white, functional fillers targeted for use in thermosets, thermoplastics, paint & coatings, sealants, TPO's and TPE's and other applications requiring an economical filler. RiverCal™ 8100 Series products are also available with stearic acid surface coating, designated with a "C", where improved flow and reduced dusting are required.

Information provided by Cimbar Performance Minerals.

Key Words: CaCO3
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Physical PropertiesOriginal ValueComments
Specific Gravity 2.71 g/cc
Bulk Density 34.0 lb/ft³Loose
 74.0 lb/ft³Tapped
Brightness 89 %Stearate Treated, Hunter Rd value
 92 %Uncoated, Hunter Rd value
Oil Absorption 22 %g oil/100 g filler; ASTM D281
Fineness 6.5Hegman Fineness; ASTM D1210
Moisture Absorption at Equilibrium 0.30 %
Loss On Ignition 44 %
@Temperature 1050 °C
Particle Size 1.5 µm@ 10%
 3.3 µmD50
 20 µm@ 98%
Particle Mesh Size 325 Mesh0.1% retained
pH 9.5
Component Elements PropertiesOriginal ValueComments
Fe2O3 <= 0.10 %
Descriptive Properties
MgCO3< 1

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