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ASTM B601 Heat Treating Temper Codes for Copper Metal and Copper Alloys

Because of the wide variation in important physical properties as a function of an alloy's treatment history, it is imperitive to know and understand the temper in which a copper alloy is to be treated prior to its application.
Copper Temper Name ASTM Code
1/8 Hard H00
1/4 Hard H01
1/2 Hard H02
3/4 Hard H03
Hard H04
Extra Hard H06
Spring H08
Extra Spring H10
Special Spring H12
Ultra Spring H13
Super Spring H14
Extruded and Drawn H50
Pierced and Drawn H52
Light Drawn, Light Cold Rolled H55
Drawn General Purpose H58
Cold Heading and Forming H60
Rivet H63
Screw H64
Bolt H66
Bending H70
Hard Drawn H80
Medium Hard Drawn Electrical Wire H85
Hard Drawn Electrical Wire H86
As Finned H90
As Manufactured Tempers ASTM Code
As Sand Cast M01
As Centrifugal Cast M02
As Plaster Cast M03
As Pressure Die Cast M04
As Permanent Mold Cast M05
As Investment Cast M06
As Continuous Cast M07
As Hot Forged and Air Cooled M10
As Forged and Quenched M11
As Hot Rolled M20
As Hot Extruded M30
As Hot Pierced M40
As Hot Pierced and Rerolled M45

Cold Worked and Stress Relieved Tempers ASTM Code
H01 Temper and Stress Relieved HR01
H02 Temper and Stress Relieved HR02
H04 Temper and Stress Relieved HR04
H08 Temper and Stress Relieved HR08
H10 Temper and Stress Relieved HR10
As Finned HR20
Drawn and Stress Relieved HR50

Cold Rolled and Order Strengthened Tempers ASTM Code
H04 Temper and Order Heat Treated HT04
H08 Temper and Order Heat Treated HT08


For more general information about over 2500 specific copper, brass, and bronze alloy data sheets, choose one of the following links, or use one of our search techniques to reach specific products. In addition to heat treating related attributes such as aging temperature, annealing temperature, and hot-working temperature, MatWeb has a complete list of mechanical and thermal properties and composition specifications for copper-base alloys.

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