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Aluminum Alloy Property Data

MatWeb has data for over 1600 individual wrought and cast aluminum alloy compositions and/or heat treatments.  The highest purity (99.99% min.) aluminum available commercially in wrought form is Aluminum 1199-0 or Aluminum 1199-H18.  You can find typical values such as melting point, density, and thermal conductivity for typical aluminum alloys under the name Aluminum Alloys, General.  Values for the pure element are found under the name Aluminum, Al.  UNS numbers and ISO designations are supported for most aluminum alloys in MatWeb. An overview of Aluminum Alloy Heat Treating Temper Codes is also available. Aluminum anodizing is covered in our Aluminum Anodizing and Processing Design Guide.

Mechanical properties such as tensile strength or hardness vary widely with alloy composition or heat treatment. The fastest way to examine the database entries for the precise aluminum alloy of interest is to follow the link above to Search By Material Type and then select "Aluminum Alloy" in the drop down box under 'Nonferrous Metals'; this feature is reproduced below.

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You can also choose "Aluminum Alloy" in conjunction with property values when you Search By Property.  This will help you to find the alloys that meet your quantitative property specifications (Ex: metal with density < 3 g/cc and ultimate tensile strength > 80,000 psi).

If you know the AA alloy number in which you are interested, type it in the Search box at the top of any MatWeb page (see the example below). When entering text into the search box, note that you will generally have more success with the American spelling 'Aluminum' rather than 'Aluminium' as used elsewhere in the world.

No matter how you reach MatWeb's entries for specific cast or wrought aluminum alloys, you will find complete physical property data. The MatWeb staff has collected extensive data from manufacturers (such as Alcoa, RSP Technology, and Alpase), professional societies (The Aluminum Association), and literature/handbooks to bring you values for properties such as density, hardness, shear strength, shear modulus, heat capacity, solidus, liquidus, elongation, Poisson's ratio, fatigue, composition, etc.

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