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Data Downloads

    On the Search Results page
  • Check the boxes of the data sheets you wish to add to your Folder. You may add up to 20 to each library, using the results of multiple searches.
  • In the "Other Tasks" drop-down box, select "Export to COMSOL".
    Material Property Data for COMSOL software

  • A window will open asking you to save a .txt file. Save the file in a place you'll remember.
  • Import the file into COMSOL:In your COMSOL software:
    • Click "Options" and select "Materials/Coefficients Library"
    • Click "Add Library" to add a new library file.
    • Find the location you saved the file from MatWeb and select it. Click "open," and then click "OK" to make the new library available.
  • Apply the MatWeb Material: You can then apply the material in the subdomain settings, as you would any other material.
  • Choose "Load" to pick a material from a library:
  • Find the library that you added from MatWeb, and choose the material you wish to apply. Click "Ok" and the information from MatWeb will be applied.
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