ASTM A709 Steel, Grade 100 and 100W, ≤ 64 mm
Categories: Metal; Ferrous Metal; Alloy Steel; Low Alloy Steel; ASTM Steel; Carbon Steel; Low Carbon Steel

Material Notes: Killed fine grain (ASTM no. 5 or finer). Heat treated: oil or water quenched, temper not < 620°C

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Physical PropertiesMetricEnglishComments
Density 7.85 g/cc0.284 lb/in³
Mechanical PropertiesMetricEnglishComments
Tensile Strength, Ultimate 760 - 895 MPa110000 - 130000 psi
Tensile Strength, Yield 690 MPa100000 psi
Elongation at Break 18 %18 %in 50 mm (plate/bar)
Modulus of Elasticity 205 GPa29700 ksiTypical for steel
Bulk Modulus 160 GPa23200 ksiTypical for steel.
Poissons Ratio 0.290.29Calculated
Shear Modulus 80.0 GPa11600 ksiTypical for steel.
Electrical PropertiesMetricEnglishComments
Electrical Resistivity 0.0000234 ohm-cm0.0000234 ohm-cmTypical steel
Thermal PropertiesMetricEnglishComments
Specific Heat Capacity 0.475 J/g-°C0.114 BTU/lb-°FTypical steel
Thermal Conductivity 46.6 W/m-K323 BTU-in/hr-ft²-°FTypical steel
Component Elements PropertiesMetricEnglishComments
Carbon, C 0.10 - 0.21 %0.10 - 0.21 %
Iron, Fe 98.215 - 99.5 %98.215 - 99.5 %As remainder
Manganese, Mn 0.40 - 1.5 %0.40 - 1.5 %
Phosphorus, P <= 0.035 %<= 0.035 %
Sulfur, S <= 0.040 %<= 0.040 %

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