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Polymer Distribution
Teknor Apex Sarlink® 4180 Thermoplastic Elastomer
Categories: Polymer; Thermoplastic; Elastomer, TPE; Thermoplastic Olefinic Elastomer (TPO)

Material Notes: A highly engineered Thermoplastic Elastomer for use in demanding applications. Sarlink® 4180 is a medium hardness grade possessing exceptional tensile strength, superior compression set, chemical resistance and high temperature performance. It can be easily processed by injection molding, blow molding or extrusion for various applications such as boots and bellows, seals, gaskets as well as other profiles and articles.

Processing and Handling (See more in property table)
Sarlink® 4180 is a polypropylene based elastomer, which can be processed on conventional thermoplastic equipment for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. This product has a wide processing window in most applications. Melt temperatures from 360°F to 430°F can be used. Do not exceed 450°F. Drying is recommended for extrusion and blow molding and any time the material is used from an unsealed package.

Extrusion screen pack is 20 to 60 mesh.

This product has excellent melt stability. Empty the barrel for idle periods of thirty (30) minutes or longer. Purge thoroughly before and after use of this product with polyethylene or polypropylene.

This product can be reprocessed. Physical properties are generally not degraded. Dry regrind prior to reprocessing.

The use of polyolefin based color concentrates is recommended. Apply back pressure in injection molding to disperse color.

Thermal bonding techniques can be used to form high strength bonds. Adhesive bonding can be achieved with specialized adhesives. Bond strength is limited due to the polypropylene base of this material.

This product is available in 55 lb. foil lined bags (up to 2,200 lbs. per pallet) or 1,100 lb. polyethylene lined gaylords. It has a storage life at normal temperatures of several years.

Sarlink® was sold from DSM to Teknor Apex

Key Words: Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV)
Available Properties
  • Density, ASTM D792
  • Viscosity, ASTM D3835
  • Hardness, Shore A, ASTM D2240, extruded sample; 5 sec. delay
  • Hardness, Shore A, ASTM D2240, injection molded sample; 5 sec. delay
  • Tensile Strength at Break, ASTM D412, Die C; Flow direction
  • Tensile Strength at Break, ASTM D412, Die C; Cross direction
  • Elongation at Break, ASTM D412, Die C; Flow direction
  • Elongation at Break, ASTM D412, Die C; Cross direction
  • 100% Modulus, ASTM D412, Die C; Cross direction
  • 100% Modulus, ASTM D412, Die C; Flow direction
  • Tear Strength, ASTM D624, Die C; Cross direction
  • Compression Set, ASTM D395B, 22h/23°C
  • Compression Set, ASTM D395B, 22hr
  • Rear Barrel Temperature, Extrusion
  • Rear Barrel Temperature, Injection Molding
  • Middle Barrel Temperature, Extrusion Transition Zone
  • Middle Barrel Temperature, Injection Molding
  • Middle Barrel Temperature, Extrusion Metering Zone
  • Front Barrel Temperature, Injection Molding
  • Front Barrel Temperature, Extrusion
  • Nozzle Temperature, Injection Molding
  • Die Temperature, Extrusion
  • Melt Temperature, Injection Molding
  • Melt Temperature, Extrusion
  • Mold Temperature, Injection Molding
  • Roll Temperature, Extrusion
  • Drying Temperature
  • Dry Time
  • Injection Pressure, Injection Molding Back Pressure
  • Screw Speed, Injection Molding
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Manufacturer Notes:
Teknor Apex Company

Category Notes
Thermoplastic Elastomer

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